Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development Center

Postgraduate medical education, i.e. residency, provides professional preparation in one of the medical specialties during the period established by the program.

Currently, there are two residency programs at the University: Family Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Continuous professional/medical education (CPE/CME) is the next process of higher medical education and post-graduate education (professional preparation), which continues throughout the professional activities of the subject for independent medical practice.

The mission of the Center is to offer institutions an intervention for multidisciplinary and inter-professional health care team that will help improve the quality of professional skills and patient care.

Career on the continuous professional education is a prerequisite for the doctor’s professional duties and improving the quality of healthcare services. The main driving factor of the CPE/CME is the doctor’s willingness to maintain a high level of professional development.

Head of the Center – Tamar Tsibadze