Enrollment for Medical Doctor (MD) and Medical Doctor (E-PDS) programs of David Tvildiani Medical University LLC is done through unified national exams.

David Tvildiani Medical University code – 052

Medical Doctor (MD) Program – 0520101

Medical Doctor (E-PDS) Program – 0520102

In order to obtain the status of a student at the programs of David Tvildiani Medical University LLC, the applicant is obliged to pass the following subjects at the unified national exams and to overcome the minimum level of competence established by the university in all the specified subjects in order to participate in the competition:

Three compulsory subjects:

Georgian language and literature – more than 25%

Foreign language (Eng.) – more than 70%

Biology – more than 65%

Optional subjects:

Mathematics – more than 60%

Physics – more than 60%

Chemistry – more than 60%

An electronic directory is provided to the entrants by The National Assessment and Examination Center, detailed information related to the examinations. The electronic reference also contains all the necessary information for higher educational institutions, the coefficients assigned to each exam, the competence limit, tuition fees and other important


For detailed information, follow the link

Foreign applicants as well as Georgian citizens that have completed the last two years of higher secondary education abroad are exempt from unified national examinations of Georgia.

Prerequisites in order to qualify for enrollment are following:

  • A minimum cumulative score of 60% in chemistry and biology
  • NEET passing certificate (applicable for Indian citizens only)
  • Internationally recognized English language proficiency test certificate (level B1)

Additionally, all applicants shall attend an online interview. 

Part of the tuition fee is covered with a grant obtained through unified national exams, remaining amount shall be funded by the student.

The internal grant system works as follows: it is not possible for the first course; It is awarded according to the academic results received in the previous academic year; Accordingly, the grant for the II course is given based on the results of the I course, etc. including the VI course; According to the obtained grades, the student can be financed

with an internal grant of 100%, 50% and 25%; It is important that regardless of the number of students, the university does not have any limit and all those who show appropriate results are financed.

The university has 3 accredited programs for medical students. The official language of two of them is Georgian

(Medical Doctor Program -MD and Medical Doctor E-PDS Program); In addition, practically all

educational literature for students is in English, the summary test exams of the semester are conducted in English.

Many other educational resources also require communication and assessment in English (virtual patient cases, PBL cases, etc.), which on the one hand requires a high level of English; However, it provides graduates with professional

competence in the English language so that, if desired, professional residency training can be done in many foreign countries.

For foreign students whole teaching process conducted is in English

Registration dates for first freshmen are determined in July of each year, based on the order issued by the rector;

The registration start date changes every year and usually covers a period of 1 week before the start of the study (semester).

Can a minor student sign a contract?

  1. Documents to be submitted during registration are:
  2. Copy of identity document;
  3. Notarized copy of the document confirming complete general education (certificate);
  4. Certificate of military registration (applicable for Georgian male students only);
  5. 2 pcs. photo in size 3/4 and electronic version (CD).

Persons under the age of 18 must submit a birth certificate with the above-mentioned documents and must appear at the registration accompanied by a parent/legal representative.

The parent/legal representative must provide an identity document.

During the orientation day, first-year students have an introductory meeting with the dean of the faculty, Young Scientists Association (SYSSA) and other representatives of the university. At the meeting, students will be informed about important issues related to the educational process, information about student activities and more.

Form 26 is a military service certificate for male, that is issued upon request to students with active status at DTMU.

Payment of tuition fees and the possibility of in installments:

  1. Full amount (with full payment of fees for the whole year),
  2. Semesterly (payment of the annual tuition fee in two parts – before the start of each semester) 
  3. The annual amount is divided into 6 equal parts according to a predetermined schedule; We offer payment procedures with the following method: 10 days before the start of each next module.

Tuition fees can be paid with the following bank details: basis bank; 0103. Tbilisi. Ketevan Tsamebuli Ave. 1 Bank code – CBASGE22 Name of recipient – LLC David Tvildiani Medical University – GE23BS0000000008436809 (Name, surname and personal number of the student)

Keep in mind, in case of violation of the tuition payment schedule, the university may suspend the student’s status due to financial debt, until the repayment of the debt.

Trustee can sign the contract instead of the entrant. In such case, the trustee should be provide a notarized power of attorney, along with other mandatory documents to be submitted by the applicant.

In case of termination of the student status, its reinstatement is allowed only in the case of passing the unified national exams and/or repeating the procedures established for the citizens of a foreign country and/or a stateless person. Suspension of status, unlike termination, occurs for various reasons, initiated by the student or the university, and involves the suspension of his active status for a certain period, with the right to maintain active status reinstatement for a maximum of 5 years. The suspended status is restored based on the elimination of the reason for the suspension and a personal statement; The University will restore the suspended status to the respective student based on the academic period and individual agreement.

Student mobility is performed twice per year, in the periods defined by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. Mobility rights are applicable to those who had been enrolled by passing the United National Examination result consideration and/or without it.

The student has the right to mobility after one year of studying at the corresponding level of higher education. The period of study does not include the time, when the student status was suspended.

Mobility can be possible within one level of higher education.

Students enrolled in the first level of higher education based on the results of the unified national exams in 2020 and beyond have the right to mobility, only to those programs that correspond to the mandatory subject/subjects they passed on the unified national exams.

  1. Register for mobility on the portal
  2. Choose the desired program/programs of the desired higher educational institution and sort them according to priority (make an electronic application for mobility);
  3. Pay the mobility fee (40 GEL) at any service center of the Bank of Georgia, self-service terminals of

the Bank of Georgia, through the payment services of the Internet Bank of the Bank of Georgia,

mobile bank or (search in the menu: Other; Education; Student mobility) before the expiration of

the registration period on the electronic student portal);

In case of a positive answer, mobility applicants will be interviewed by the dean.

Attending the interview is mandatory for all students.

Documents to be presented at the interview are:

  1. Copy of identity document;
  2. In the case of a citizen of a foreign country – a notarized translation of the passport;
  3. Information about the status of the student;
  4. Study card (mark sheet);
  5. Notice issued by the National Center for Evaluation and Examinations;
  6. In the case of complete general education received abroad – recognition document issued by the

National Center for the Development of Education Quality.


A student who obtains the right to enroll David Tvildiani Medical University LLC

( and successfully passes the interview stage, must report to the university for

registration (address: Ljubljana 2/6; e-mail:; Tel: +995 322 51 68 98).

Documents to be submitted during registration are:

  1. Copy of the order of enrollment in a higher educational institution;
  2. Student study card (mark sheet);
  3. Copy of all orders issued regarding student status;
  4. Document confirming being on military registration (applicable for Georgian male students only);
  5. Copy of identity document;
  6. In the case of a citizen of a foreign country – a notarized translation of the passport;
  7. A notarized copy of the document proving complete general education (certificate).
  8. In the case of complete general education received abroad – a recognition document issued by the

National Center for the Development of Education Quality;

  1. 2 photo 3X4 and electronic version (CD).

For detailed information on mobility, please see link below:

internal mobility.

Students have the right to internal mobility.

Internal mobility for programs at the university is announced twice a year in the fall and spring


The student has the right to participate in internal mobility from the 3-rd to the 5-th semester of learning at the corresponding level of higher education.

 The terms related to the administration of the internal mobility process are determined by the Rectors order, which will be posted on the university website

The start date of the academic year is announced at the university every year (in the month of July)

based on the order of the rector; Information for entrants is available on the university website –; Students are notified by e-mail from the course coordinator.

In regulated programs (including MD programs) student choice is limited. More options for them are given, when they choose elective subjects, they make further career choices and have opportunity to promote individual development within the curriculum. 

Medical Doctor Program, 1 credit equals 30 hours. The number of credits per semester is

usually not less than 30 credits. The aforementioned (number of credits) is determined by the curriculum of the programs.

Medical Doctor programs at DTMU are structured in the form of modular integration; All such modules end with a special summative test, which we call a “quiz”.

In addition, benefit of paying tuition fees (see information on the university internal grant,

question No. 3), the university has academic progress, integrity, extracurricular and community activities scholarship, which is issued in the following cases:

(I) Rectors Scholarship (awarded to the best graduate);

(II) Named scholarship: David Tvildiani scholarship for second-sixth year students (one student is

selected for each year) according to the transparent and objective rule of monthly scholarship

appointment and awarding, the decision is made by the joint competition commission;

(III) The status of the best student of the academic year; It is also marked with the name and

surname of the student on the university historical board.

Also, a scholarship can be awarded to a university student by partner organizations and clinics; as well as

funding for US Medical Licensing (USMLE) exams.