David Tvildian Medical University Doctoral Program

The program is intended for the third stage medical and biological education, by graduation of

which the graduate receives an academic doctor diploma in medicine.

Teaching process is conducted in Georgian language (teaching and assessment with English


A person holding a master degree in medicine can be admitted to the program. Admission

process is based on open competition selection.

The aim of the program is strengthening the skills and knowledge for individual research, based

on integrated studying. The program goal is to ensure graduates with independent scientific and

academic work ability in biomedicine and health sciences.

Employment area – biomedical and health academic and scientific work.

The program is 3 years long, concluded by scientific work (dissertation) defense.

The scientific component consists of:

  • An up to date bibliography and completed literature review.
  • Data collection
  • Research resource work
  • Data analysis and result discussion
  • Formation of articles and dissertation chapters
  • Final preparation of dissertation and its defense

The obligatory prerequisite of dissertation defense is the existence of highly valuable scientific

theoretical and clinical results and completion of the learning courses and activities

representing the 30 ECTS credits. As a result of public defense of the dissertation, the doctoral

student is awarded the academic degree of Doctor of Medicine.


PDH Program