Mobility – The student’s right to continue studying to another higher education institution after one year of study within the same educational level cycle.

The student can obtain the status of mobility after the registration on the web portal and paying the fee of study to another University.

During the academic year students’ mobility at Davit Tvildiani Medical University is announced twice, within the timeframe established by the LEPL National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.

The information about the terms, vacant places and requirements is announced at the web-page of University and electronical portal of National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.

A person can apply for mobility if he has passed United National Examination successfully and/or had applied for enrollment without passing the examination to the Ministry and who had received the Minister act but could not enrolled as the institution had been liquidated without defined responsible side/successor.

A person who wishes to use mobility must get registered in the electronic portal and pay the fees for mobility to another HEI to obtain the according status of mobility willing person.

The student can get enrolled in the university upon fulfilling the regulatory requirements as well as those mentioned in section 1. The potential student must apply in written to the university and submit copies of the personal file documentation (including education related documents and enrollment order).

Document required while Process of Registration:

• Extract from the order of enrollment in the higher education institution;

• Extract from student’s suspension / termination order;

• Students Card (marks sheet)

• A document confirming the presence of military registration (for boys only);

• Original and Copy of ID, for the citizens of another country Notarized translation and original Passport;

• A certified copy of the document certifying the full general education. In case of full general education abroad – Document of Recognition issued by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement;

• 2 pieces of photograph 3X4 and electronical version on CD;


For detailed information on mobility terms and procedures please visit


Student’s internal mobility

o DTMU students have rights to use internal mobility;

o Internal mobility is announced in the University twice per year, in spring and autumn semesters.

o Students who have student status suspended can also use internal mobility.

o Students can use internal mobility in case they are studying in the 3rd to 5th semesters in the relative education stage.

o Mobility rights are restricted for those who had been not able to accomplish the 1-2 semester credit-hours.

o The timeline of internal mobility is defined by rector’s order, which is published on the University web page and information desk in a place reachable by anybody.

o The person willing to use internal mobility applies to the rector in a written form, and obtains status of mobility candidate upon completing registration in the timeframe defined by the order. Not following the deadlines causes loss of rights for mobility.

o Number of students able to successfully use internal mobility is limited by the vacant spots in the programmes, while in case of competition GPA is considered as reference.

o An order on internal mobility of a student is released by the rector, while this decision is reflected in the united student registry within 5 days.