Providing higher education based on science and the best international experience in medicine.

During fulfillment of the mission, the educational institution is guided by the following five principles:


  • Continuous improvement of teaching, learning, research and management quality;
  • Realization of the abilities of the students and academic personnel;
  • Facilitate the creation process of an optimal environment for teaching and research;
  • Increase the role of the institution at the national, regional and international level in field of medicine;
  • to contribute in creating a community based on education


  1. Teaching quality. Development of educational programs and increase of integration quality.
  2. Research quality. Development of the university scientific environment through intellectual and material resources.
  3. Quality of human resources. Promote professional growth of existing academic staff; Attract new resources
  4. Quality of leadership and management. Continuous improvement of leadership, management and administration.
  5. Collaboration. Maintaining and enhancing cooperation at national, European and international levels.
  6. Effective use of financial resources. Improving the quality of Medical Doctor’s, purpose and rationality of directing financial resources.
  7. Infrastructure and environment. Improvement of the university academic environment; Development of educational, scientific, informational base.
  8. Students involvement / participation. Facilitate direct involvement of students in the life of the institution and their active participation.
  9. Internationalization of experience. Supporting involvement in international cultural dialogue.
  10. Public relations.  Service for people by increasing quality of life, cultural strength and intellectual capital.
  11. Establishing positions on national and international level. Obtain reputation of a high quality university at national and international level.
  12. Culture f Quality.  Development of culture of quality should become the main goal: Expansion of quality assurance procedures, including in connection with formal strategic planning process of the higher education institution.